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Pastor Robbins resigned in April 2022 He is now the pastor of First Baptist Church of Hamlton, Washington.

Daniel Bugriyev is presently a Lay-Elder at Grace Church Kalama Valley (GCKV) in Oahu, Hawaii.

He had served the Lord as deacon at Grace Church Kalama Valley and has personally assisted Pastor Robbins for four years.

He is engaged in biblical and language studies at Grace Bible Institute in preparation to be an ordained Elder

Currently, Daniel is being mentored by Pastor Robbins.  

He was serving in short -term missions in Russia, working with orphans and reconstructing church buildings from 2000 to 2008, and in Mexico from 2008-2011. He was actively involved in children and youth ministry while attending church in Sacramento, CA.

He was born and raised in the family of an Evangelical Christian Baptist church minister. In 1994 Daniel and his family moved from Russia to the USA (state of CA). He came to the Lord at age of 16, and was baptized at First Slavic Church of Sacramento, CA in 1999.

Daniel holds Associate of Science in Criminal Justice and a certificate of Medical Assistant.  

Daniel and his wife, Alla, moved to island of Oahu in 2012. They are raising four sons, Zechariah (7), Matthew (6), Ethan (2) and Ezra (1).